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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A positive rant?

Who said such a thing wasn't possible? Hey baby, anythings possible.

Today I REALLY ENJOYED my cycle to work, and I felt less puffed out than yesterday. Bonus!

Thanks to Mark for revealing the true path to blog enlightenment. Much less ying and yang; more "double yang!".

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Paying for air...

So I have a good, environmentally friendly day today, which I put a lot of effort and thought into. I make my own lunch, using food that, although not quite left-overs, would definitely have gone in the bin; I cycle to work; I make an effort to turn out lights all over the place at work when there is no-one in the room (my colleagues suspect we have a poltegeist); I cycle home etc etc etc

Then I remember that Nikki's car tyres are a bit on the flat side, and also remember some statistic about under-inflated tyres using more energy, so I decide to cap the day and drive to Tesco to pump it up.

That was clearly my first mistake...

Bloody Tesco! Bloody air-bloody-thing is OUT OF ORDER. So now I have driven to Tesco just to find the thing is..gah!!!!!!

Rant over. Moral of the story please...